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    Our products


    We design and manufacture innovative, labor-saving delivery and material handling equipment. We continuously find ways to employ “mechanical advantage” into every system possible. Material-moving equipment saves labor, time and costs, while helping our customers be more productive by relying less on human effort!


    LongLoader Conveyor System

    We hold the patent on LongLoader conveyors that safely transfer materials to roof tops with speed and ease. After innovating a 54-foot conveyor in 2004, we recently topped that with a new 61-foot conveyor. The LL61XT is the longest truck-mounted conveyor in the industry!


    Pull-N-Lift System

    The patented Pull-N-Lift System truly is an “innovation that works!” Material handling made easy by transferring pallets of heavy materials from the headboard to the rear of the bed. Once transferred, the lift table raises the heavy pallets a limited distance. This elevation allows a person to hand unload any pallet with limited bending to save on effort, energy, time and even possibly long-term injuries.

    Power hitch

    Power Hitch

    Possessing 3 directional movements, our patented Power Hitch enables the operator to back within just a couple feet of any trailer and hook up quickly, with little effort. The Power Hitch can be installed on most trucks and is a fully hydraulic piece of equipment designed to help eliminate headaches when hitching to any rig to be towed.

    Custom truck bed

    Custom Truck Beds

    Discovery Design builds the most durable and customized truck beds in the material handling industry. Structural integrity and quality of work, along with thoughtful design go into each and every truck bed we construct. Features such as full-view head boards, sliding strap cranks and a behind-the-cab lumber rack are all standard. The rest is designed and built based on what you need to succeed.