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    Client Testimonials

    “I am very pleased with the service from Discovery Design. The mechanics were very knowledgeable, and the service was customer-friendly. Their shop was super clean and set up to handle any repair issue I could have. I will definitely be back for all repairs that I cannot handle myself, because I’m confident they will be handled promptly.”

    James Streiler
    James Streiler Hauling, St. Peters MO

    “We enjoy working with the people at Discovery Design; the products they design for us are well built, safe, and reliable. Their level of detail is second to none.”

    Andy Martinkus
    Chief Operating Officer - Western Materials, Yakima WA

    “Arrowhead Building Supply have been using Discovery Design’s innovative equipment for several years. The materials used to construct the equipment is only the best and built to last; the durability of the equipment has proven itself job after job, and year after year. Our delivery teams love the pull and lift system. It saves them time and energy on every job, and allows them to do their job safely.

    Discovery Design has also been fitting our equipment with several safety features that exceed all other industry standard equipment. The Power Hitch lets our delivery team to hook up trailers quickly, effectively and safely. Big trucks do not come with back up cameras, so the ability to get within two foot of the trailer and being able to grab the trailer and go makes it easy for one man to operate without a spotter.

    We recently purchased the LL61XT – a sixty one foot conveyor! We can reach up to a five story building with ease while following all safety compliance rules. This truck sets us apart from all of our competition. We also had the pull and lift system applied to this truck to speed up the delivery process for our delivery teams. I absolutely recommend buying your next piece of equipment from Discovery Design.”

    Bobby Nichols
    General Manager - Arrowhead Building Supply, St. Peters MO

    “Way back in 2005, Discovery Design Truck Body and Equipment Inc. designed and built three 26’ truck beds, outfitted with their exclusive Pull & Lift System and LongLoader, high-performance, steel conveyors.

    When Rick Pogue and his team explained the features and benefits of their time and labor-saving options, I did not hesitate to pull the trigger. Almost 14 years later, I’m glad I did! Discovery Design’s innovations have enhanced my ability to attract AND retain labor, and more importantly, drivers willing to work on a roof top crew. Our employees are our greatest asset! The Pull & Lift System reduces wear and tear on my roof top crew, WHILE enhancing our productivity – can you say Win/Win?!

    The down time on these three units has been minimal, so you can feel comfortable budgeting simple, routine maintenance, so you can spend your valuable time and resources selling the next roofing project.”

    Mitch Cawley
    Owner - RoofersMart in Alabama

    "Discovery Designs did an amazing job on our work truck. We had a difficult time finding an efficient place to store some of our tools. The guys at DD had great ideas and were able to immediately get us into the shop. They made quick work of our job, completing it in just a single day! It was done so fast and so well, that I began trying to find other things for them to do to our other work trucks. I will definitely refer them and use them again!"

    Ryan Litchfield
    Owner - Shamrock Concrete

    “We at Didion Orf Recycling value the working relationship with another great, local family-owned and operated business. Our experience with Discovery Design’s quality truck service and billable rates have been very competitive and reliable. We look forward to working with Discovery as the next project awaits.”

    Adam Orf
    President - Didion Orf Recycling in St. Peters